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Learning Quran Online - Pave The Way To Become A Better Practicing Muslim!

As a Muslim, It is always fascinating to expand your knowledge and strengthen your faith through better communication with Allah’s revelation.
In Kalimah Centre we help you to profoundly learn and understand Allah’s message through our professional, handpicked Online Arabic and Quran Tutors!
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Online Arabic And Quran Courses - Have A Tour At Kalimah Interactive Online Courses

We provide Two main online courses for adults that are presented in a highly qualified manner. Our courses are well-prepared and consistently developed throughout the years.


Online Arabic Course

We gently offer you the opportunity to efficiently learn Arabic Online based on your own level of progress. This course consists of 16 teaching levels including 400+ hours of one-on-one sessions. It helps the student reinforce his language skills through state-of-the-art interactive learning tools with our professional, highly qualified, and experienced tutors.


Online Quran With Tajweed Course

This course is perfectly designed to teach the Quran to non-Arabic speakers from around the Globe. It facilitates Quran learning and strengthens students’ relationship with the Quran. Moreover, it includes Tajweed lessons from intro to pro to master Quran recitation. This course is available in 13 levels and taught by Ijazah certified teachers.


Online Arabic Course For Kids

This course is specifically crafted to teach Arabic Online for kids at different levels. It is presented in child-friendly sessions by teachers specifically trained in children teaching.
The course is available in 24 levels including Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary stages. It ensures your kid will enjoy Arabic learning!

Kalimah Intensive Group Classes

Join our online group classes for achieving better results in shorter time. Learn from Kalimah most experienced teachers with our latest books, alongside a friendly group of Muslim brothers

The Inspiring Story Of Kalimah Online Academy for Learning Arabic

Kalimah Centre was founded in the middle of 2011 by a group of experienced Muslim scholars as an institute for teaching Modern Standard Arabic to the expatriate in Egypt from all over the Globe.
Thanks Allah, our academic and practical expertise has led to a rapid increase in the number of our students where we were blessed to teach more than 7000 male and female students by the year of 2017!
In 2018, we decided to move this experience that proved to be successful according to many students all over the world, taking it to a wider world and broader audience worldwide! Become A Member Of Kalimah Community Now!


“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”

Kalimah Centre Provides A Comfortable Learning Environment

We value the rights of both students and teachers to have a comfortable teaching environment. Kalimah Centre Platform is well equipped to allow a professional, highly interactive, and entertaining learning process!

Professional native Arabic tutors

Our teachers are native Arabic speakers who are highly certified in teaching Arabic and Quran.

One-on-one class

Kalimah classes are based on direct interaction between the teacher and his student which allows for better progress and follow-up. Individual and group sessions are available.


24/7 material access

The educational material at Kalimah platform is available all the time for our students.


Timely mistakes correction

Mistakes are the door to perfection. We believe students have the right to make mistakes and get corrected through their learning journey.


Certificate per level or course

Qualified students are certified for passing each level at our courses to encourage their learning progress.


Interactive exercises

Kalimah Centre learning sessions provide interactive exercises to ensure students fully understand and are able to practice the discussed teaching material during the session.


All language skills activated

Kalimah Centre focuses on developing multiple Arabic language skills at a time using the proper learning techniques.

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We Developed Our Own Curriculum At Kalimah!

Across the years, we were able to develop a detailed curriculum with unique interactive presentations and carefully picked exercises. It was essentially based on our long experience in teaching Arabic and Quran to non-Arabic speakers worldwide. We carefully tested the curriculum and developed a quality control based system to provide the best learning experience for students.


We Developed Our Own Specialized Publications In Arabic And Quran Fields

We are proud to have a highly experienced and qualified staff who were able to author specialized books in the fields of Arabic and Quran. This willingly makes Kalimah Center the owner of the best unique and specialized Arabic and Quran bookstore.

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Real Customers Reviews

Hasan Sayed
Hasan Sayed
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"Kalimah has provided me the structure, content, and professional instruction to learn Arabic in a challenging yet supporting environment. The instructors are not just teachers, but your friends and eventually become like family."
Benjamin Hatun
Benjamin Hatun
Read More
"The concept of the Kalimah Center is methodically very well structured and will help you not only to learn the Arabic language in a short time, but also to use it. I am very satisfied and can only recommend it to everyone!"
Hasan Rahman
Hasan Rahman
Read More
"My experience with Kalimah Centre has been one of the best experiences for learning Arabic especially as I’ve studied with many centers in the past. The reason being is because my Arabic language has progressed from knowing nothing to being able to have conversations in Arabic with people and I am yet to learn more and more with Kalimah."
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"I studied at different institutes and in my opinion is Kalimah the best Arabic online teaching institute. Their way of teaching focuses on making the best of every single student. Thereby, the director responds quickly and takes any kind of feedback serious."
Edis Selman
Edis Selman
Read More
"I studied at different institutes and in my opinion is Kalimah the best Arabic online teaching institute. Their way of teaching focuses on making the best of every single student. Thereby, the director responds quickly and takes any kind of feedback serious."

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Kalimah is the most suitable Arabic and Quran teaching platform for all the audiences who need to learn the Arabic language whatever their purpose.  It is  most suitable for those who aim at studying Islamic studies, Quran, and for other cultural purposes. 

The difference between Kalimah and other online Arabic teaching companies is the professionality and long experience. We don’t just barely offer Arabic and Quran teaching courses. However,  we respect our profession so much that we spend every minute of our life developing Arabic education and constantly training our tutors so that the student gets the best possible service.

It is always super easy to book a session. Pick a course, then pick your favorite tutor, pick your favorite schedule, process your suitable payment method, and congrats! it’s done.

Yes, of course. You can get a free trial once you enroll in one of our courses. Free trials at Kalimah ensure you are satisfied with our services before fees payment.

Yes, Kalimah provides both discounts and coupons. We do provide 10% off for booking 20 hours and 20% off for booking 40 hours or more. We also provide coupons, that’s why we recommend you follow our social media platforms to stay updated with the coupons we offer.

Yes, you may use our helpdesk button to get help, and one of our support team will contact you as soon as possible.

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