Mahmoud Shehata

Arabic & Quran teacher

About me

I studied at Al-Azhar University, and my colleagues were almost from all over the world, which made me open to different cultures. I love reading, especially short stories and novels, I am a short story writer and I have won more than one prize in the short story. In my spare time I work as a voiceover, and I love recording Arabic poetry with my own voice. I memorized A- Quraan by Asim Qraat. Currently, I am studying for a master’s degree in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers at Cairo University Which I hope it helps me to follow the best scientific methods in teaching Arabic. I try to make the lesson enjoyable, as interesting teaching is more effective than others.

Hamada Mohamed

Arabic teacher

About me

I am An Egyptian teacher, I enjoyed teaching Arabic to non-Arabs for more than six years. I studied Arabic Language and Literature and Islamic Sciences at Cairo University (Faculty of Dar Al Uloom), after my graduation in 2012, my journey began, through the internet, and then in real classes where confidence and experience are, I traveled to Nigeria as a teacher for a year in terms of different culture, then I went back to education through the internet so far, I got a general diploma in education, then a special diploma, and currently at the master’s stage, I live with my family, and I love reading and research. My joy in life is when my student communicates in Arabic and reads while he did not know anything before.