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Mahmoud Shehata

  • Native Arabic Speaker

  • Bachelor in Arabic language

  • Speaks English & German

  • General diploma in education

  • Memorizes Quran with Ijaza

  • 2+ years of experience

About me

I studied at Al-Azhar University, and my colleagues were almost from all over the world, which made me open to different cultures. I love reading, especially short stories and novels, I am a short story writer and I have won more than one prize in the short story. In my spare time I work as a voiceover, and I love recording Arabic poetry with my own voice. I memorized A- Quraan by Asim Qraat. Currently, I am studying for a master’s degree in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers at Cairo University Which I hope it helps me to follow the best scientific methods in teaching Arabic. I try to make the lesson enjoyable, as interesting teaching is more effective than others.

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