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03 – المستوى الثالث

Categories: Arabic for Adults
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About Course

Knowing Alphabet is the first step in your pathway to Arabic, but before starting any Arabic long term course, you should possess the tools that enables you to deal with, That`s why we designed this course Arabic Basics.

It`s a one-level program that aims at providing the beginner student with the basics of Arabic language and keywords that are indispensable in daily conversation.

The program contains the following topics presented through PowerPoint presentations and video lectures with our instructors:

  • Asking what things are.
  • using Is/Are for Questioning.
  • What is this? Who is this?
  • Adverbs of the place.
  • Who are you?
  • Asking about the actions.
  • How to use Present tense the common pronouns.
  • Possessive.
  • Masculine and feminine.
  • Interrogative words.
  • propositions.
  • Main Adjectives.
  • Asking about time.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Introducing myself in Arabic.
  • Create a simple Arabic sentence.
  • How to create a simple question in Arabic.
  • Express placing things
  • Using the most common used adjectives
  • Using the simple present tense with the common pronouns.

Course Content

هذا / هذه

  • الدرس الأول – هذا / هذه

ما هذا؟ / ما هذه؟

هل هذا؟ / هل هذه؟

ما هذا؟ / من هذا؟


من أنت؟

ماذا يفعل؟

أنا أشرب

هذا كتابي

المذكر والمؤنث

كلمات السؤال



الامتحان التحريري

الامتحان الشفوي

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