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Who is Kalimah

In the middle of 2011, Kalimah center came to existence as an institute for teaching Modern Standard Arabic to the expatriate in Egypt whose purpose is to learn it and who come from all over the globe, using academic and practical expertise that led to rapid increase in the number of students until it reached in the year 2017 a total number of 7000 students studied in the institute. In 2018, we decided to move this experience that proved to be successful according to many students from all corners of the globe, taking it to a wider world and broader audience who are the audience of the learners online worldwide, working on forming a unique methodology for teaching Arabic via this platform, so that it becomes the first specialized platform that teaches Standard Arabic with all its purposes in an interactive indulging method.

Our Mission:

We are here to enrich your Arabic Language learning experience and to be your gate to one of the most important cultures in the present, past and future which is the Arabic Islamic culture

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Our Vision:

Providing a fully interactive study program for Arabic learning in different levels and purposes, taking advantage of our staff of Arabic Teaching experts, in order to attain the highest levels of quality of communicating in Arabic language.

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Our Team

Mr Mousa Shawkat
CEO Mousa Shawkat
Teaching Quality control Mohamed Ahmad
Eductional content control Amr Ibrahim
Mr Hamada Mohamed
Training manager Hamada Mohamed
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