What`s Kalimah?

Kalimah is one of the most well-known Arabic language institutes which started providing Arabic language courses since 2011 from Cairo, Egypt.

Who uses Kalimah?

All the audience that needs to learn Arabic language for a various purpose, especially Cultural purpose.

What are the courses that kalimah provides?

Kalimah is providing a various group of courses which aims to help Arabic language learner to improve his skills in any Arabic language branches such as reading writing, listening speaking, and many other courses including Quran and Islamic sciences, you can check it from here 

Can I benefit from learning Arabic through Kalimah?

Of course, you will benefit from our courses as our courses tailored to give the maximum benefit to the students, in addition to our highly skilled tutors who will insure that benefit.

How Arabic is been teaching in kalimah?

Kalimah is using the latest techniques in teaching language, but mainly we depending on practicing more than lecturing.

What is the difference between Kalimah and online Arabic teaching companies?

The difference is that We respect our profession so much that we spend every minute in our life to develop Arabic education and train our tutors constantly, so that the student gets the best possible service.

I am new to Arabic how will I know the suitable course for me?

You can use the placement test service, where you can meet one of our experts to determine your level, and be assigned to the suitable course.

Can I get a free trail session?

As the student can book as much as he can starting 1 class so testing the service will not be that expensive.

How long will it take to learn Arabic?

It depends on the goal you have set to yourself, but ruffly it will take about 600 hours to finish the full programs beginners, intermediate and advanced.

What`s the suitable number of hours I should do per week?

It`s up to your time availability, as you can start booking from 2 session per week, but we we recommend the immersion amount which is 5 hours per week.

Do you have female tutors as well as male tutors on Kalimah?

Yes, we do have a female tutor as we use Gender Segregation Policy male teaches male and female teaches female.

Is there a way to rate and review tutors?

Of course, you can rate both the course and the tutor.

Is the session including any breaks?

As our class duration is ranging between 30 minutes and 1 hour the class doesn`t include any breaks.

Will I get help when I need?

Yes, you may use our helpdesk button to get help, and one of our support team will contact you to help you as soon as possible.

How do I book a session?

Pick a course, then pick your favorite tutor, pick your favorite schedule, process payment, and it`s done.

Will I get notified with my sessions?

Yes, you will get notified by each session.

How does the session take place?

Open your panel, click button join the meeting at the appointments page, and you will get connected to your tutor, or follow the link you will get by mail to join the meeting as well.

Do I need to install any special software/hardware?

You mainly need to have zoom installed to your device.

What is the duration of each class?

class duration is ranging between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

What if the tutor misses the lesson or comes late?

This will not be counted on you and you will get the ability to reschedule it.

Can we choose session timings at my own convenience?

We offer the tutors available times and you choose what suits you out of it.

What happens if I missed a session?

This session will be counted on you, and you will not be able to reschedule it.

Can I reschedule or cancel a session?

Of course, you have the availability to reschedule the session at least 24 hours before the session time.

Will the session be in Video and audio?

Yes you will have audio and video meeting with the tutor.

Will the session be recorded?

Will I be able to get the video recording for my sessions for my session?

Can I turn off the camera During the class?

However the eye contact is important to the class , but you still be able to turn off your camera.

Is it permissible to the tutor to turn off the camera?

No, it`s not permissible to the tutor to turn on the camera.

How do I find a tutor?

Check out our tutor’s page from HERE to find a full biography about each teacher and pick the suitable one for you. You also could sign in and use Find tutor tap to search for a tutor using many filters.

Can we meet our tutor outside the classroom when needed?

Our platform is the only place you will be able the contact the teacher through.

Do I have to give a notice period if I do not want to continue with a tutor?

No, you don`t have to do that, just book sessions with your favorite tutor directly.

Do we have any course materials?

Yes, every course has it`s materials

Do I have to pay for the course materials?

Yes, every course has it`s materials accompanied to it with extra fees.

Will there be a exercises for the course I book sessions for?

Yes, we have developed an exercise for each lesson which the student can do it automatically and get

Will I get a record for my sessions?

Will there be a course assessment?

All the courses we designed consist of levels and between each 2 levels there will be a quiz and an oral test, in order to make sure that you have gained the requirements to the higher level.

Is there any pass mark should I get to pass the levels?

Yes, for each level you have at least to get 65% out of the full mark for each level.

Will I be able to get a certificate with the course I finished?

Of course, you will get a certificate of the courses you have finished

Will I be tied into a contract?

No, you will be free to book your session anytime.

Can I increase session at a later date?

You can book more session anytime for 3 months ahead if you wish.

What happens to my unused hours?

You have the opportunity to schedule for 3 months ahead, so unless you did not reschedule it you will lose it.

What`s the payment methods that kalimah accept?

Kalimah uses 2checkout as a payment processor which allows students various payment methods including credit card and PayPal, etc.

Will I be able to get a refund?

As the rescheduling ability is open for 3 months, the refund will be needed, but you still can contact us to ask for refund, and the administration will revise your request and contact you regarding the refund reasons and decision.

Does kaliamh provides Discounts?

Yes, we do provide 10% off for booking 20 hours, and 20% off for booking 40 hours and moer.

Does kalimah Provides Coupons?

Yes, we do provide coupons, that`s why you have to follow our social media pages to stay updated with the coupons we offer.

What`s the maximum period I can purchase sessions for?

You can book sessions up to 3 months.

What`s the minimum sessions amount I can purchase?

What`s the maximum sessions amount I can purchase?

Do the sessions I buy has expiration date?

You can use any booked sessions for maximum 3 months.

Can I get an invoice for a session I purchased?

Of course, you can get an invoice upon request.

Are there any regular price changes?

Yes, there`s a regular price increasing comes at January of every year.