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Kalimah Centre Online Arabic Learning Courses For Children

Do you wish your kids could learn Arabic and effectively understand it? Arabic learning has become essentially important nowadays for Muslim kids in the West. It preserves their identity, culture, and most importantly; their faith!

Here comes the opportunity to effectively and simply teach your children the Arabic language at Kalimah Centre!

Kalimah Centre provides science-based, interactive, and child-friendly Arabic classes for children all over the world with our highly experienced native tutors!


Why Should My Kids Learn Arabic?

Your kids should learn Arabic as it is one of today’s basic needs for each child living in the west or even in the Arab countries. It is essential for a number of reasons:

It helps him learn the Quran and effectively understand its meanings


It facilitates learning Islamic studies and reading through Arabic books


It gets him closer to the Islamic culture and values


It preserves your child’s Muslim identity, and keeps him away of being severely affected by the western incompatible culture or traits


It strengthens his faith and reinforces his affiliation with Islam

Why Should I Let My Kids Learn Arabic Online Through Kalimah Centre?

Kalimah Centre for online Arabic learning is a well-equipped interactive platform that ensures your kid is entertained and completely satisfied during his Arabic class.


Our Arabic tutors are well-trained to deal with children


We offer your child highly interactive presentations to keep him attentive and excited throughout the Arabic course


We present our course for children through interesting Arabic books specially designed for non-Arabic speaking kids


We offer a level-based education in which your child attends suitable sessions according to his current level in Arabic.

What Will My Kids Learn in This Online Arabic Course?

This Arabic course is specifically crafted to suit kids at different levels of learning Arabic. It consists of 26 levels where each level is completed in 24 hrs.

Our Online Arabic Course for kids is divided into Primary, Intermediate, and Secondary stages. It is based on ‘Uhebbo Al-Arabiyya’ book series, That is primarily designed to teach Arabic to non-Arabic speaking kids.


Learn The Arabic Alphabet & The Basic Words and Phrases

This is the beginners stage of learning Arabic for kids at Kalimah Centre. It consists of 8 levels.
Your Kid will complete 3 volumes of the scheduled Arabic book during this stage.
This Arabic course for kids aims at teaching the Arabic Alphabet pronunciation, reading, and writing.
It teaches kids to express themselves, answer questions in simple Arabic phrases, and talk about basic everyday life activities in Arabic.


Learn The Arabic Grammar & Engage In New Topics Through Story-Telling

This is the intermediate stage of The Arabic Course for kids at Kalimah Centre. It consists of 8 levels.
Your Kid will complete four different volumes of the scheduled Arabic book. It is primarily based on story-telling and raising the child’s interest in various topics.
In this stage, your kid would be able to discuss topics of general knowledge, science fiction, moral values, and more. He will also start regular Arabic Grammar (Nahu) lessons.


Enrich Your Kid’s Arabic Linguistics With More Advanced and Detailed Topics

This is the advanced level of our online Arabic course for kids. It consists of 10 levels.
In this Arabic level, your kid will be able to fluently discuss more advanced topics such as scientific facts, social experiences, Islamic history, and contemporary world issues.
Arabic grammar lessons (Nahu) become much more advanced and detailed. At the end of this level, your kid would be able to effectively read, write, and discuss several advanced topic fluently and confidently like a native.

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The Skill you will acquire from this Arabic Course?

Kalimah Online Arabic course allows kids to concomitantly develop the four major linguistic skills; reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This is primarily achieved through our classes by interactive presentations, direct student-teacher communication, and skill-developing exercises.


1. Boost your kid’s Arabic reading skills

Kalimah Centre is highly keen on teaching children how to read in Arabic. We believe reading is the door to knowledge and comprehension.
By the end of this Arabic course, your kid would be able to: 1- Read and understand advanced topics related to various subjects. 2- Read and understand personal letters, e-mails, Arabic texts, and books.


2. Empower your child’s Arabic writing skills

Writing in Arabic is a skill that requires practice. At Kalimah Centre, we provide a suitable environment for kids to get professional Arabic writing training throughout the entire course.

By the end of this course, your kid would be able to: 1- Express himself through writing. 2- Write about various topics. 3- Describe his personal feelings, experience, and give his own impressions.


3. Improve your child’s Arabic listening capabilities

At Kalimah Centre, we help your kids professionally master the Arabic listening skills through proper communication with their native tutors.
By the end of this course, your kid would be able to: 1- Effectively listen to and understand Arabic conversations. 2- Listen to and understand Arabic lessons and tutors.


4. Enrich your child’s Arabic speaking vocab & expressions

At Kalimah centre we offer your child the opportunity to practice Arabic speaking and enrich his Arabic language by communication with other Arabic speakers.
By the end of this course, your child would be able to: 1- Express himself in Arabic and give opinions. 2- Fluently engage in conversations related to different topics.


Let Your Kid learn MSA, Fusha Arabic, and Classical Arabic At Kalimah Centre

At Kalimah Centre we focus on teaching the different Arabic styles for your kids.
This enables your kids to master the Arabic language and understand its different styles used in books, legal documents, or even during daily life conversations.

Why is Kalimah Online Arabic Classes For Kids So Special?

Kalimah online Arabic classes for kids are so special as they offer a set of perfectly specialized features to suit your kids needs and interests.


Highly Experienced Arabic Tutors with Kids

Kalimah tutors have a long experience in teaching Arabic to non-Arab kids. They have the qualifications to handle kids' classes in a way that ensures your children will enjoy learning Arabic


Native Arabic-Speaking Tutors

Kalimah has a group of Arabic tutors to guarantee your kids are perfectly taught the Arabic language through its native speakers. Moreover, Our tutors fluently speak English for better communication with beginners


Child-Friendly Arabic teaching Presentations

We believe kids should love the Arabic classes to commit and achieve marked progress. At Kalimah, we present our Arabic courses for kids through child-friendly presentations to keep them keen and interested.


Easy-To-Use Arabic Teaching Platform for Kids

Our Arabic teaching platform at Kalimah is simple, non-complicated, and easy-to-access. This was specially developed to fit for your child's use and operation in a comfortable, safe, and smooth learning environment.


Special Modified Arabic Curriculum for Kids

Over the years, Kalimah Centre has developed a special Arabic teaching program for kids. That is to suit their needs, interests, and level of comprehension. Besides, We have special Arabic teaching books for kids.


Special Interactive Arabic Exercises for Kids

Kalimah Centre focuses on developing kids’ Arabic linguistic skills through suitable skill-developing interactive exercises. That is to keep your child attentive, interactive, and well-entertained during the Arabic session.

Gift Your Child With The Best Arabic Learning Experience!

Your child is worth it! Now pave the way for your child to explore the Arabic language and enjoy the awesome learning experience through Kalimah Centre!

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A Good Learning Child of Today Is The Leader of Tomorrow!

Our world is changing and leaders are getting prepared! Open the gates for your child’s creativity, widen his scope of knowledge, and get him close to Arabic culture and values!

Real Customers Reviews

Hasan Sayed
Hasan Sayed
Read More
"Kalimah has provided me the structure, content, and professional instruction to learn Arabic in a challenging yet supporting environment. The instructors are not just teachers, but your friends and eventually become like family."
Benjamin Hatun
Benjamin Hatun
Read More
"The concept of the Kalimah Center is methodically very well structured and will help you not only to learn the Arabic language in a short time, but also to use it. I am very satisfied and can only recommend it to everyone!"
Hasan Rahman
Hasan Rahman
Read More
"My experience with Kalimah Centre has been one of the best experiences for learning Arabic especially as I’ve studied with many centers in the past. The reason being is because my Arabic language has progressed from knowing nothing to being able to have conversations in Arabic with people and I am yet to learn more and more with Kalimah."
Read More
"I studied at different institutes and in my opinion is Kalimah the best Arabic online teaching institute. Their way of teaching focuses on making the best of every single student. Thereby, the director responds quickly and takes any kind of feedback serious."
Edis Selman
Edis Selman
Read More
"I studied at different institutes and in my opinion is Kalimah the best Arabic online teaching institute. Their way of teaching focuses on making the best of every single student. Thereby, the director responds quickly and takes any kind of feedback serious."


Learning Arabic for kids requires a suitable child-friendly environment, an appropriate curriculum for age, and a well-trained tutor. Besides, children need an up-to-date follow-up through their learning journey by both parents and teachers.

A tutor would carefully notice his student attention and interaction during the entire session. If he needs, he will give him a break either in the form of a game or a short session pause.

Our students have the opportunity to reschedule or cancel a session 24 hrs prior to the session time if sudden, unplanned situations occurred.

Yes, our students are notified before every session to remind them of the class time.

Your Child Is Getting Too Close To The Best Arabic Learning Experience!

Don’t miss the best opportunity your child would have to learn Arabic! Let your child get in touch with the best experienced, native-Arabic, child-friendly online tutors at Kalimah Centre!

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