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Do you wish to get closer to the Quran, understand Allah’s revelation, and perfectly recite it like a native? It’s not hard or far away anymore!

In Kalimah Centre, we offer you a complete Quran Course to master the Quran recitation and learn the Tajweed rules by heart. Our course is offered by Ijazah-certified teachers who have a long experience in teaching the Quran to non-Arabic speakers


Why to Learn Quran Online?

Quran is the best book on Earth! Why not? It is the word of Allah (SWT). Allah (SWT) has promised Quran learners the best reward in the hereafter. Learning Quran online bears a number of advantages compared to other learning methods.


It allows learning with a broad range of Ijazah-certified teachers around the globe


It helps you get started in Quran learning wherever you are


It is flexible, easy, and time-saving


It allows consistent follow-up and better commitment

Why to Learn Quran Online At Kalimah Centre?

Quran Learning experience at Kalimah is very unique and special for a number of reasons:

Our Quran course is perfectly designed to cover almost all Tajweed rules along with Quran memorization


Our Quran course is taught by Ijazah-certified tutors


Our Quran course allows you to get closer to the Quran in a highly spiritual environment

We also offer Arabic courses that could go hand-in-hand with our Quran course and help in understanding the Quran and memorizing it

What Students Will Learn in Kalimah Online Quran Course?

Students at Kalimah will pass through 13 levels of learning Quran with tajweed. Each level covers specific tajweed topics starting from the easiest to the more advanced. Students usually undergo a free placement test with their teacher in the beginning to decide their starting level.


Learn The Noorani Qaida & Fine-Tune Your Arabic Pronounciation

Learning the Noorani Qaida is the first level in our Quran learning Course.
It enables the student to perfectly pronounce the Arabic letters which helps in proper Tajweed practice and Quran recitation afterwards.


Learn Tajweed Rules & Master Quran Recitation

Tajweed rules are important for anyone who aims to perfectly recite the Quran as prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did.
Tajweed rules are numerous and vary in difficulty. At Kalimah Centre, we offer gradual different levels specified in Tajweed rules such as the rules of the Quiescent Noon and Meem, the rules of prolongation, Articulation points of letters…etc. This course is presented through levels 2-12


Learn The Rules You Should Follow While Reading By Hafs ʿan ʿĀṣim

This course enables the students to follow the prescribed rules while reading by Hafs an Asim.
It is a more advanced stage that comes late at level 13 during our Quran course.
Students take this course after mastering the Noorani Qaida and almost all the Tajweed rules which then qualifies them to start their Ijazah with a specified teacher if they wish.

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What Are The Skills You Will Acquire Through Kalimah Online Quran Course?

Our Online Quran learning at Kalimah offers our students the opportunity to achieve a great progress in several skills and abilities.

1. Perfectly Pronounce The Arabic Letters by The Noorani Qaida

Our Online Quran course focuses on teaching our students the proper pronunciation of the Arabic Alphabet through the Noorani Qaida. This enables our students to effectively read any Surah of the Quran at any time.


2. Learn Tajweed Rules In Detail

At Kalimah, we developed a scheduled curriculum to teach Tajweed to our students in an organized and level-based method. We don’t just teach theoretical rules. However, we are very keen on Tajweed practice to enhance our students’ Quran recitation.


3. Master Your Quran Recitation

Kalimah Centre has highly qualified and certified tutors who will help you improve and professionalize your Quran recitation. This is done through frequent and consistent Quran recitation practice with your teacher.

4. Memorize The Quran By Heart

Memorizing Quran is one of the great achievements a Muslim may do in his life. If you wish to memorize Quran, our Quran course at Kalimah offers the opportunity of Quran memorization with the best experienced tutors.


Ijazah Certificate for Highly Qualified Students

At Kalimah Centre, we offer an Ijazah certificate for professional students who perfectly mastered Quran recitation and Tajweed.

Why is Kalimah Online Quran Course So Special?

Kalimah Online Quran Course is so special as we ensure our students are getting the best Quran learning experience through our well-prepared and frequently developed learning program.

Scheduled Tajweed Lessons

At Kalimah Centre, we offer well-prepared and scheduled Quran and Tajweed lessons. This ensures our students are kept on a suitable Quran learning track, and enables us to follow their progress from time to time.


Ijazah-Certified Tutors

Kalimah Centre tutors are highly qualified and experienced teachers. They hold the Ijazah which goes back to The Prophet (PBUH). This makes our Quran Classes based on true and authentic Quran knowledge.


Highly Informative Quran Classes

At Kalimah Centre, we don’t just offer a basic conventional Quran class. However, we aim to relate our students to the Quran by providing the basic Tafseer and Asbab Al-Nuzul of the studied Quran verses.

Consistent Quran Recitation Practice

At Kalimah Centre, We believe knowledge is gained by proper practice. That’s why we don’t just teach theoretical Tajweed rules. However, we are very keen on students’ recitation practice and timely mistake correction.


Quran Engaging Assignments

We are keen on relating our students to the Quran through various methods. We help our students acquire Quran research skills through simple and easy assignments in the Tafseer or the meaning of a verse.


Male And Female Quran Tutors

We offer professional male and female Quran tutors for male and female students respectively. This allows for gender segregation and following the Islamic shariah. Besides, it ensures a more comfortable and interactive Quran Class.

“The Best Among You Is The One Who Learns The Quran and Teaches It.”

(Prophet Muhammad PBUH)

Now come close to the Quran, elevate your status in life and hereafter, and become one of the best people on Earth!

Ready to Get Started? It is Only 3 Simple Steps!

Ready to Start?


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"The One Who Is Proficient In The Recitation Of The Qur'an Will Be With The Honourable Obedient Angels "

(Prophet Muhammad PBUH)

Mastering the Quran recitation really worth it! Start your Quran learning journey and enjoy the Quran blessings all your life!

Real Customers Reviews

Hasan Sayed
Hasan Sayed
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"Kalimah has provided me the structure, content, and professional instruction to learn Arabic in a challenging yet supporting environment. The instructors are not just teachers, but your friends and eventually become like family."
Benjamin Hatun
Benjamin Hatun
Read More
"The concept of the Kalimah Center is methodically very well structured and will help you not only to learn the Arabic language in a short time, but also to use it. I am very satisfied and can only recommend it to everyone!"
Hasan Rahman
Hasan Rahman
Read More
"My experience with Kalimah Centre has been one of the best experiences for learning Arabic especially as I’ve studied with many centers in the past. The reason being is because my Arabic language has progressed from knowing nothing to being able to have conversations in Arabic with people and I am yet to learn more and more with Kalimah."
Read More
"I studied at different institutes and in my opinion is Kalimah the best Arabic online teaching institute. Their way of teaching focuses on making the best of every single student. Thereby, the director responds quickly and takes any kind of feedback serious."
Edis Selman
Edis Selman
Read More
"I studied at different institutes and in my opinion is Kalimah the best Arabic online teaching institute. Their way of teaching focuses on making the best of every single student. Thereby, the director responds quickly and takes any kind of feedback serious."


In Fact, learning Quran by yourself could be quite difficult and non-efficient. You’d better have a Quran teacher to ensure you correctly recite the Quran and have commitment.

Noorani Qaida is a set of Arabic Alphabet pronounciation practical rules that were compiled by Sheikh Noor Muhammad to help children, beginners, and non-Arabic speakers correctly recite the Quran.

The duration of learning the Quran depends on your capability and commitment. It greatly varies among students. One should set a flexible, compatible, and real study plan and commit to it to achieve marked progress.

The Quran Course offered by Kalimah Centre doesn’t give you Ijazah. However, it prepares you for Ijazah if you wish. We can later on offer Ijazah sessions to our highly qualified and professional Quran students.

You Are Just Too Close To Get The Best Quran Learning Experience!

Here comes the opportunity to engage in an awesome Quran learning class and greatly improve your relationship with the Quran!

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