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Kalimah Intensive Group Classes


Join our online group classes for achieving better results in shorter time. Learn from Kalimah most experienced teachers with our latest books, alongside a friendly group of Muslim brothers.

Why Group Classes?

1. More Sessions, Less Cost

Our group classes allow you to attend more sessions with 4 times cheaper than the one on one sessions. By learning alongside your peers, you’ll benefit from shared insights and collaborative discussions, all while enjoying a reduced price per session.

2. Boost Your Achievements

Studies have shown that students who study in groups tend to perform better academically. Engaging in group discussions, peer feedback, and interactive activities can enhance your ability to speak confidently.

3. Opportunity to practice and ask questions

We have set the maximum number of students in the class to be 6 students to ensure that every student will have the opportunity to participate, ask and practice with the teacher.

4. Engaging teaching media

Kalimah is known for its books and teaching materials that are being used by students and teachers allover the world. The group sessions will use our latest versions of E-books, Exercise books and interactive exercise on the website

5. Flexible online format - learn from anywhere!

To study Arabic intensive course you will not need to travel to Egypt or anywhere else. You will just need a laptop and stable internet connection.

6. Connect with fellow Muslims seeking knowledge from allover the world

It is known that Allah created the mankind to connect and benefit from each other. By studying in groups you will get to know new Muslim brothers from allover the world who you have never had a possibility to meet and know about their life and culture

Class Details:

  • Starting Date: The first course will start the 1st of July 2024. 
  • Frequency: Five days a week (Sunday to Thursday).
  • Appointments: Choose from three available time slots to fit your schedule.
  • Lesson Duration: Each lesson is two hours long.
  • Course Duration: the course should be held in 20 study days (4 weeks).
  • Course Content: You will study a complete level in the course.

How to Get Started:

  1. Select Your Preferred Time: Choose from the available appointment that best suit your daily routine from the options below.
  2. Fill the form: with your data and make sure your contact information are correct.
  3. Take the placement test: to let us decide the level that you should start from.
  4. Pay the fees: Once we confirm the class time and level you will be able to start your classes.

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