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Safia Abdelhady

About me

I have graduated at the faculty of Arts, Arabic department. Then I have memorized Qur'an, and joined Al Azhar Qera'at institute. I have got Ijaza in Hafs and Shou'ba A'an A'aseam Qera'at. And Ijaza in Warsh A'an Nafe'ea , and Qaloon A'an Nafe'ea .Qera'at I passed a training about teaching Tajweed and Qa'eda Norania in English. I taught Modern Arabic in addition to Qur'an and Tajweed for many years to many students. I believe that patience, friendly style and kindness are best way to learning whatever your level in Arabic or Qur'an Whatever your age If you are interested in learning, I will be so happy to help you.

Rahma Saied

About me

As the students go in any Arabic course, he must extend his language skills, increase his ability to communicate using Arabic, that's what I am working on during my classes in simple, funny way. As the years go as an Arabic language teacher, my experience is increasing, teaching methods and styles improving, my ability to lead students, adults or children to their goal is sharpening. So be sure that my abilities will meet your goals.

Nada Gabr

About me

I have started teaching Quran about a year ago on the internet and a year before through brivat lessons .I can teach the Quran by hafs and shu'ba' s ways. I can teach all ages. I choose this career to help people read and understand Quran very well ,which makes them closer to Allah. I'm trying my best to improve myself in this field.

Dina Ahmed

About me

An Arabic teacher since 2012, my class combines joy of learning and discipline that any class requires. my teaching style relies on several methods according to the category that I teach children, adults, or elders, but in general, my teaching style vary in meaning representation, using images, and giving many examples, and because I know that most students study Arabic to understand Qur’an and Sunnah, I always link the lesson to the Qur’an and the Sunnah Using appropriate examples from the Qur’an and Sunnah until student reaches an understanding as much as possible and appropriate to his level . I have taught all levels and for many nationalities, that`s why I became familiar with the appropriate way to teach each nationality I taught, whatever your level you will reach your goal with me, Inshallah.

Huaida Eisa

About me

I am an Arabic language teacher in Egyptian schools since 2001. Year after year, I gained great experiences in teaching Arabic and its sciences. In 2015 I wanted to transfer these experiences to non-Arab students, so I joined many training courses to be Arabic teacher for non-native speaker, then started working in Teaching non-Arab female students in 2016, and this remains the greatest moment when I saw my students understand and communicate in Arabic after a lesson they had with me, and I invite every student to share those great moments with me.

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