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  • What`s the placement test?
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  • How can I prepare for the exam?
  • How many times can I take the test?
  • How will I know my course placement?
  • How do I schedule a placement test?

Starting an online Arabic language course is a great decision, but the right start is the most important step to fulfill this decision, and in the coming few lines we will try to explain why Kalimah obligates its students to take a placement test before starting Arabic online course.

What`s the placement test?

Language Placement Tests are used to gauge the level of proficiency a student has achieved in another language. These tests offer an opportunity for students to demonstrate their foreign language proficiency and close out their Foreign Language Credit Requirement (depending on their major and test score).

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Does everyone have to take a placement test?

Placement examinations are required of any student Who wishes to join any of the courses that kalimah offers Arabic course, Arabic for children, or Quran courses.

Why should I take the placement test?

Placement tests are simply indicating the appropriate level at which a student should continue their study. If you have been placed at the 5th level or higher, this does not mean that you have fulfilled your language requirement.

 How is the placement test is running?

Online courses Placement tests are normally taking one of 2 shapes:

  • The online interactive placement test

In this shape student will find an online interactive test containing multiple choices questions that measure his proficiency in Arabic language skills listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

But this shape mostly will not be enough to determine students’ level sharply, as most of it doesn`t include an efficient method to measure students’ ability to speak and listen to the foreign language.

  • The online live session with a teacher

Where you will get a live meeting with one of the language experts who will start a discussion with the student, and this shape is very effective, as a teacher can measure student`s language proficiency in all language skills, and that the shape that we use in Kalimah as the student book an appointment with one of our teachers via zoom who tested him in all language skills listening, Speaking, Reding and writing and give him a full report about his language proficiency drawing him a full map through our course from A to Z.

How can I prepare for the exam?

No, Preparation is not necessary for the placement test – it is intended as a tool to place you in the level most appropriate for your language proficiency level.

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How many times can I take the test?

Normally you take the placement test once, but if there was a gap between the placement test and the actual start of taking the course by more than two months, it`s recommended that you retake the placement test especially if you have done any self-studies which can affect your level up or down.

How do I schedule a placement test?

Simply fill in the placement form on the Kalimah website, determining the date and time that suits you and you will get an instant email with the meeting link for your placement test meeting, and at the time of the meeting you will simply click the link and you will in contact with the teacher on zoom.

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