Abdullazim Ali

علي 2

Arabic & Quran teacher

Abdullazim Ali

About me

One of the advantages of being a graduate of Al-Azhar is that I graduate at Al-Azhar and I have memorized the entire Holy Qur’an with Tajweed, and I am strong in the classical Arabic language that I have studied in its Nahw, Sarf, and Balaghah at the highest and strongest level. I did not get sufficient with this, but I got Ijazah in Qur`an. for a few years, I taught Quran and Arabic to different ages in a fun easy way, Then the opportunity came to be a teacher at kalimah, I got a hard training course at Kalimah, and started teaching Arabic professionally. I try to make the lesson as enjoyable as I can, as interesting teaching is more effective than others.

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