“Eqraa wa Oktob” for teaching reading and writing


كتاب لتعليم القراءة و الكتابة للأعاجم و الأطفال و الأميين

Book to teach reading and writing to the non-Arabs present, children and illiterate

The idea of this book, “Iqra”, depends on the following methodology:
1.  permutations method, so that one letter with all the remaining letters pronounced three vowels.
2. Using one structure words in the vocal training, so that the tone of the word  is fixed in student mind.
3. Comparison between the similar sound phenomena.
4. Focus on reading by providing two syllables, sentence and paragraph.
5. Provide a dotted font page after each page so the student can learn how to write in the same time he practice reading,  step by step with the teacher instructions.

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Eqraa  a book for teaching reading and writing for non- Arabs ,children,Illiterate


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“Eqraa wa Oktob” for teaching reading and writing