2024 Ramadan Activities And Events: Sunnahs, Social, And Physical Ideas For Ramadan Activities

Ramadan Activities And Events

Ramadan is an Islamic holy month that is so special for all Muslims around the world. The warmth gets reborn in our hearts with its presence, and it chases away any darkness or gloominess of sins. For that reason, people prefer to practice some activities during Ramadan.

To attain such great values, Muslims have full hands during Ramadan Activities and make great efforts, but it’s all worth it. Muslims’ practices aren’t a distinct clear-cut list that fits all, but a group of deeds that adapt to our lives, and ourselves.


What is the Meaning of Ramadan Activities?

Ramadan activities refer to the various practices and traditions that Muslims engage in during the holy month of Ramadan. These activities are intended to deepen one’s spiritual connection to Allah, foster a sense of community, and develop self-discipline and empathy.

Fasting is the most important activity during Ramadan, but there are many other activities that Muslims engage in, including prayer, reading the Quran, charity, family gatherings, and community service. Through these activities, Muslims seek to improve their relationship with Allah, strengthen their bonds with their families and communities, and reflect on their lives and the world around them.

What is the Importance of Activities during Ramadan?

Muslims carry out many activities during Ramadan. The reason behind this would require us to go on a journey to why Ramadan is holy. Of course, Ramadan is holy for many reasons. 

One reason lies in how its practices discipline Allah’s worshippers, who must resist and discipline their desires to gain better and stronger wills. It represents the chance to become better Muslims and to let go of old sins that hang on us and pull us further into the darkness Satan wishes to weave around us. 

This spiritual and physical renewal and rebirth of human souls allows us to feel lighter and purer, and we find ourselves enjoying the nice winds of peace that start to shine bit by bit. 

What are the Best Events during Ramadan?

To water this peacefulness and grow it even further, Muslims perform a few activities, and Sunnahs that correspond to the purity of the month, and to the greatness of events that have happened during the holy month:

There are several events that you can participate in during Ramadan to enhance your relationship with your Muslim community. Here are the top events during the month of Ramadan:

1. Participate in Volunteering Events:

During the holy month of Ramadan, many charitable agencies allow volunteering to widen the effect of kindness and charity. You can volunteer to feed the poor and homeless, teach others a skill for free, or clean and care for Masjids.

2. Participate in Ramadan Special Events:

Ramadan is special for its special events that are full of thawab and rewards; as people gather around and perform Duaa, or recite the Quran together. Mostly, Masjids organize such special events.

3. Attend And Hold Religious Lessons:

The spirituality during Ramadan is unlike any other time. This is partially due to the spiritual elevation of masses of people. Religious lessons held at Masjids help in achieving this.

4. Participate in Itikaf in your Neighborhood:

Itikaf is spending the night at the Masjid, and forgetting about the worldly life with its struggles, obstacles, problems…etc. What one may do while performing I’tikaf is recite the Quran, pray, and perform Duaa.

5. Help a Fasting Person have Iftar

Helping a fasting person have iftar by preparing the meal is extremely rewarding, and very simple. It will bring pleasure to your family members if you ask them to relax for the day and prepare their Iftar for them.

6. Visit a Distant Relative:

It’s important to keep strong ties with family members, and not just the immediate family, but also the extended family. So, choose a couple of distant relatives and pay them a visit.

7. Bring Happiness to the world!

Making a fellow Muslim happy is also extremely rewarding religiously and spiritually. One can do this by performing Duaa for someone else than telling them.

8. Always be Helpful to those around you:

Helping a family member with house chores, or simply helping a stranger in need will chasten your heart. 


Sunnah Activities during Ramadan:

Sunnahs during Ramadan are the prophet’s (salla Allah alayhi wa sallam)  behaviors during the holy month that he has advised us to adhere to. These behaviors are not obligatory, but adhering to them will add to our thawab.

1. Taraweeh prayers:

During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims perform daily special prayers after the Isha prayers. It’s special because it’s performed only during Ramadan. Taraweeh prayer is our sword against the darkness lurking in the shadows of our hearts.

2. Break Your Fast with Rutab or dates:

Rutab or dates, that’s how prophet Mohamed (salla Allah alayhi wa sallam) would break his fast, and he recommended all fasting Muslims do so as well. He also recommended doing so in odd numbers only; so, we can eat one, three, five, or seven rutabs or dates.

3. Don’t Miss Iftar and Suhoor:

Our prophet also recommended us to eat Suhoor, which is the pre-dawn meal, right before the call for Fajr prayer. The same applies to Iftar. We are recommended to eat Iftar right after hearing the call for Maghrib prayer.

4. The Quran must be on top of your list:

Reciting the Quran, praying, and doing Duaa are high on the list. To learn how to do them correctly, many courses are provided by Kalimah Center to teach you how to accurately read the Quran, and speak Arabic.

Note You can join our Online Arabic courses with Native Arabic tutors as well as the online Quran courses with Ijazah Certified tutors. 

5. Smile and greet others:

In fact, even a simple smile or a ward of greeting can grant you thawab, and elevate your spiritual state.

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Things to do in Ramadan with Friends:

There are also many Ramadan activities to do with your friends that will help you charge your spiritual tank up, and cleanse your heart of any sins. Here are the top things one can do in Ramadan with friends: 

1. Group Iftar or Suhoor:

It will definitely be very joyous to have Iftar or Suhoor with friends, and its beautiful memory will always be scented with the holiness of the month in your mind.

2. A Quran Reciting Cycles:

Arranging cycles of reciting the Quran for the whole group is going to be an unforgettable experience and will bring you guys together, and strengthen your bond.

Note: you can learn more about Quran and Arabic for our Quran and Arabic books.

3. A general Ramadan Activities Sheet:

Do you know what will really change your heart with energetic faith during Ramadan? Yes! A competitive soul. Sharing one Ramadan activity sheet will encourage all of you to become better Muslims.

4. Participate in Physical Activity during Fasting:

Physical activity during fasting in Ramadan is actually recommended, although otherwise might be popular. Scientific research has proven that physical exercise while the body is in its state of fasting will improve the body’s ability to lose weight. 

Still, it’s very important to note that intense physical exercise might cause negative effects on the fasting person’s body, and may cause mild fatigue, or headache.

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Forbidden during Ramadan Activities:

We have been going forever, encouraging you to do this or that during Ramadan, but now it’s time to tell you what you should not do during Ramadan. 

To discuss this, we must go over the basics of fasting. A fasting Muslim person must not eat, drink, or have sexual intercourse. Of course, eating gums, or smoking is forbidden as well. But these are the very basics. 

So, what other activities are forbidden during Ramadan? Nothing! That’s it! There’s nothing that is halal and you can’t do during Ramadan. So, the rule is to do anything Halal, but don’t do anything Haram. Simple!

Now that we have come to the end of our little journey for today, I’d like to give you a little secret of happiness of mine. Every year, target one of those persisting sins that stick to us like glue and set your mind to free yourself of its shackles. Work with determination to fill the gap in your heart with a Sunnah instead.

Lastly, don’t forget to share with us your Ramadan Activities sheet; for it might give ideas. You can also visit our site for more Quran and Arabic courses:

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